David Beckham - For The Love of The Game

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Russ Ewan and Charley[1]Led by it’s founder and creative director Russ Malkin, Big Earth Productions is first and foremost a TV production company that takes on ambitious projects for clients around the world. From exotic expeditions to adrenalin pumping automotive adventures, Big Earth turns all of its commissions into fully packaged productions ready to be viewed by millions. Big Earth also has extensive expertise in publishing books, online and social media production, TV distribution, developing ideas for a wide range of clients, pitching to broadcasters and creating global broadcast events.

Known around the world for the legendary motorbike adventure series Long Way Round, Long Way Down and Race to Dakar, Big Earth has gained a reputation over the past twenty years for running exciting and innovative projects, and we look forward to working with you

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David Beckham For The Love Of The Game

db showDavid Beckham sets himself the challenge of a lifetime: to play a football match on all seven continents and get back in time for his own star-studded Unicef fundraising match at Old Trafford. This once in a lifetime round the world expedition produced and directed by Russ Malkin takes a look at what football means to communities around the world, from the children living in the jungle villages of Papua New Guinea to explorers from around the globe visiting the ice fields of Antarctica – the joy brought to all by the beautiful game is captured uniquely in this extraordinary documentary made by Big Earth Productions for BBC Worldwide.

Long Way Round

Long Way RoundLong Way Round has become one of the most iconic televised road trips of all time. Audiences worldwide have been captivated watching actors Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman circumnavigate the globe on two BMW GS 1150 Adventure motorcycleswhilst facing unexpected challenges in some of the most remote parts of the world, from the freezing steppes of Siberia to the barren plains of the Gobi desert. 

Long Way Round has been so successful that the 7 episode DVD of the series and the project book topped sales charts internationally. 

Long Way Down

Long Way Down copy copyAfter circumnavigating the world on their epic journey, Long Way Round, Ewan McGregor and Charley couldn’t wait for their next great biking adventure. Their new challenge will take them from the northern-most tip of Scotland down to the southern most tip of Africa. Riding through Western Europe and Eastern Africa, these guys will be mixing their love of motorbikes with the irresistible lure of far flung roads on the ultimate expedition, riding their BMW GS-1200 Adventures on any and all terrains.

By Any Means

BY any meansBy Any Means with Charley Boorman is an epic adventure made up of 4 x 1 hour episodes which aired on the BBC in the UK and Nat Geo globally. Adventurer Charley Boorman undertakes an epic trip from his birthplace Wicklow in Ireland to Sydney, Australia. Charley Boorman travels by any means of transport appropriate to the particular region he is traveling through. The series features Charley progressing around the globe, meeting some fascinating people, and traveling by some intriguing modes of transport. Charley travels overland and across bodies of water through 25 amazing and fascinating countries and by some incredible forms of transport. This kind of overland journey is one that takes us back to the days before commercial airlines made travel so easy and accessible. Charley also visits UNICEF projects along the route to see the wonderful work that is being achieved by the charity across the world.
Sydney to Tokyo By Any Means 
Using quad bikes, hovercrafts, wooden scooters, canoes, para-gliders and of course his favourite mode of transport – the motorbike – Charley Boorman picks up the route in Sydney on this sequel journey and travels across vibrant cities, treacherous seas and impenetrable jungle to experience some of the world’s most stunning and diverse countries and cultures.
Along the way Charley meets and makes friends with everyone from surfer dudes in Australia to tribal leaders in Papua New Guinea and learns of the history, religions and ways of life of the local people he encounters.

Race To Dakar

Race To DakarCharley Boorman’s attempt at the January 2006 Dakar Rally, produced and directed by Russ Malkin and the LWR team. Charley, his team mates along with the other Dakar Rally competitors start in Lisbon, Portugal, and race to Dakar, Senegal. Facing a journey of almost 2,500 miles of tough terrain, sand, dust and conditions so hazardous that The Dakar Rally has been called the most dangerous race in the world, this is a truly epic adventure.

Extreme Frontiers

Extreme frontiers usaFollowing the success of his previous two expeditions across Canada and South Africa, Charley is back on his bike and this time he is taking on one of the most spectacular countries in the world – The United States of America.

Travelling alongside fellow adventurer and director Russ Malkin, this series follows the pair form the volcanic infernos of Hawaii to the icy peaks of Alaska, and then from the east to the west as they venture off the beaten track to go in search of extreme adventures in the wilderness. This is a journey that tests Charley to the max as he is confronted with some of the most spine tingling challenges he has ever faced. The high risks and low margins for error bring out Charley’s humour and the camaraderie he has with those who often hold his life in their hands. Prepare for a rollicking roller coaster of a ride as Charley Boorman experiences wild and extreme America!

Road Rivals

Road Rivals copyThe Road Rivals series follows our very own Russ Malkin and former male model Charley Speed as they try to outperform each other in a series of challenges around the world. While Russ travels by motorbike and seeks out some of the world’s most nail biting adventures, Charley has opted for the luxurious route pursuing the finer things in life in his Rolls Royce.
In a battle of real adventure versus luxury travel, who will come out on top and whose way is the best way to travel and experience the world?

Joss Stone - Total World Tour

JIn early 2014 multi platinum selling soul singer Joss Stone set off on the world’s very first Total World Tour, planning to visit and perform in nearly 200 countries. Expanding the touring horizons by performing in countries rarely featured on the gig circuit, Joss will be immersed into a variety of different cultures, landscapes and music. Famously known for shying away from the spotlight this is the first time Joss will let the cameras in, revealing the physical and emotional demands of the tour, the fun and trouble her and her band get up to and also the truth behind some of the famous headlines.

Tales of Travel

Tales of TravelTales of Travel follows best selling Saudi author Abdullah Al Jumah as he backpacks through South America, focusing on the largely unexplored Northern countries of the continent. Abdullah’s incredible journey of discovery will see him trekking through dense jungle to reach the world’s tallest waterfall in Venezuela, surviving the night in Guyana’s deepest, darkest rainforest, encountering some of the continent’s most dangerous and unusual wild creatures, hanging out with the locals and even spending some time in uniform with the Colombian police force!